I created a text file with “just4root” as the contents of the file to look at what the linux command ‘sha1sum’ digestsĀ  the file —

nicks@grant:~$ cat shatest

nicks@grant:~$ sha1sum shatest
caa707808838ff4c8ac838d08d4e137878aea3ee shatest

With maxima, we can again calculated the hash and verify that it checks ok.

(%i5) load(stringproc);
(%o5) /usr/share/maxima/5.37.2/share/stringproc/stringproc.mac

(%i8) sha1sum(“just4root”);
(%o8) caa707808838ff4c8ac838d08d4e137878aea3ee

Brilliant. Inspires confidence.

(%i10) sha256sum(“just4root”);
(%o10) 24d302ee8d0147b69f033b9aa9fbed60af5b7b6396f620bd67cb38b3e03d7e40

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