vguitar and Nashville tuning

Nashville tuning or sometimes referred by “high-strung” tuning is actually performed by changing out  four of the regular strings E, A, D,G.

In MIDI terms, E2 (40) A2 (45) and D3 (50) G3 (55) are taken out, and replaced with strings E3 (52) A3 (57) and D4 (62) G4 (67). So 40, 45, 50, 55,   59. 64 is replaced by 52,57, 62, 67,    59.64.  This is very easy to do in Vguitar, and is certainly an easy way to explore Nashville tuning without having to change a whole string set on your guitar.


vguitar -A128:0 --input="open1.trax" -Z"M52,57,62,67,59,64"

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