Lie to me, please (TABS)

"Lie to me, please, lie to me" -- written and performed by Nick Strauss         
notes: Nashville tuning                                                         

C        G                    D                                                 
Each day things dont seem the same                                              
     C          G             D                                                 
Your story dont quite fit the facts                                             
     C           G            D              A                                  
Like something's missing, you left something out                                
   G                D                                                           
Or maybe, you plain lied                                                        
C       G      D    D       C       G      D                                    
But you hardly know me, and does it really matter                               
A              G       D                                                        
Tell me what I want to hear                                                     
A                   G    D                                                      
Hide the truth so I wont know                                                   
A                  G      D                                                     
Lie to me, please, lie to me                                                    
C        G           D         A                                                
I hardly know you, I just dont care                                             
  C      G                 D     A                                              
I always tell the truth, I never lie                                            
C               G       D          A                                            
You must be the liar, I never said that                                         
C            G      D      A                                                    
Its all your fault, I'm no liar                                                  

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