Little things

The old adage “Little things mean a lot” is especially true when it comes to Covid. Out of necessity, I have been going to the local supermarket every week to get milk, steak, bread, salad, and potatoes. Since the first days of the pandemic in March (?), I have been wearing a mask and putting on gloves. Back then these precautions were new and I felt uncomfortable and a bit scared.

The supermarket made a little effort to make social distancing easier by designating one entrance and one exit and putting up plexiglass.

And today, when I went to the supermarket, I felt ok, not scared anymore. And I felt that the other people in the supermarket respected my efforts. They no longer thought the gloves were stupid and the mask silly. I think they silently thanked me for doing my small part in making our everyday lives just a little bit more safe.

These are little things, but I think they have made a big difference.

I really appreciate when all the other people I interact with make those small sacrifices to make my life safer. Thank you everyone!

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