My letter to Sen. Josh Hawley 2020-12-31

From: “Senator Josh Hawley” <>
Sent: 12/31/2020 9:44:11 PM

Subject: 2020 Presidential Election — Article 2 — US Constitution

On January Sixth, 2021, I have heard that you intend to object to the
counting of the certified results of the US Electoral College. As a voting
citizen in your state, I would like to understand this action and your
reasoning — if indeed you really do intend to pursue this avenue. Does this
mean that you object to JR Biden to becoming President? Or that you object to
DJ Trump from standing down? Or that you have determined an alternate process
for conducting elections and choosing a president?

I especially would like to know whether you have foreseen any and all
potential outcomes, and whether you have calculated whether these outcomes
will help us defend the US Constitution against all enemies both internal and
external, the US people, and citizens and people in the state of Missouri.

I contact you as a friend, a citizen, and as a lover. I sincerely would like
to learn more about your decision making process.

Kind regards,
Nick Strauss

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