Protect our Mississippi Watershed — Letter to Cindy LePage

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for helping to keep Missouri’s water clean, and to help keep
the entire Mississippi watershed alive.

As Mark Twain wrote in “Life on the Mississippi” —
“No other river has so vast a drainage basin, it draws its water
supply from twenty-eight states and territories….a spread of forty
five degrees of longitude…the area of its drainage basin is as great
as the combined areas of England Wales Scotland Ireland France Spain
Portugal Germany Austria Italy and Turkey”

Massive large scale “industrial” animal farming raises significant
challenges. In my humble opinion, it is a mistake to prioritize
short-sighted greed over long-term care of our natural resources. I,
along with many others, would like to raise concern about proposed
change in definition for Ground Water in environmental regulation. In
particular, the change of “Perched Water”.

I would appreciate it if you could help educate me on these issues. Am
I missing something?

Kind regards,
Nick Strauss

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