Reflections of my Running for U.S. Senate for MO in 22

It’s been about a year since I declared my candidacy with the US Federal Elections Commission (FEC). By several measures, my run has been a failure.

  1.  I have not raised a significant amount of money.
  2.  I have not been interviewed by mainstream media — radio, TV, newspaper.
  3.  I have not received endorsements.
  4.  I don’t have 10,000 signatures in my petition.

But I simply shrug off these measures. Because I have called this race. The parties are in trouble.

  1. The Republican party has been hijacked by Trump and shows no signs of realizing their mistake.
  2. The Democrats are running too progressive for my tastes.

So, if I can just hang in the race, and somehow manage to get the petition signatures, I feel that I have a good shot at winning this thing.

What is important is that I can give the people another choice. Which I know many of them feel that they don’t have.

And it is important for me not to run on a cult of personality. Every race is about candidates. You can choose a candidate based on his/her party — but you are still choosing a candidate. I admit it — I am a person — and I am running. I am not ashamed of that fact. And at this point, in 2022, I am glad that I didn’t sign on with the Democrats nor the Republicans.

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