One world

One hot day at the St. Louis Arch, Gateway to the West, I am playing my guitar and petitioning. I will be doing this until August 1.

Yes, I will answer your questions about my platform. What I feel about the issues. What I want to get done with policy in Washington. Do I like Joe Biden. Yes, he’s a nice guy. Do I agree with his executive actions, or stands on policy? It depends on the specifics.

If you look through this blog, it’s not difficult to find my positions on Gun Control, Abortion, and Energy.

My campaign is like a Polaroid, I don’t have any negatives. I think that America First, Save America and all these other buzz words are scams used by grifters to take your money, and get elected.

I believe in One World because we are all in this together, whether we want to or not. It will be a long time before we can live on Mars, and I think a lot of people would want to stay here.

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