Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Philip K. Dick wrote a bunch of science fiction books that I read back before I had a laptop computer, before I had an Android, or I-phone. One of those books is “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” I don’t think I ever read this book.  I remember it as a book I wanted to read, but I don’t think I ever bought it. Perhaps I could find it in a library. I think I confused him with Thomas M. Disch or Samuel R. Delany. Thomas M. Disch wrote a really scary book called Camp Concentration which I found quite a good read. Delany wrote Babel-17 which is also quite good and has a knock-out concept — that the language we write in, shapes who we are, and what we can think of.

Why are there so many languages?

PHP is powerful as a language because it makes making web pages easily. Programmers are hamstrung by the language they write in. Turing machines are bound by the aleph-nought linear dimension that they traverse.

I found “Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep” at the internet archive. Another of his books The Hanging Stranger, I found at

I think I will read this one now. And now in retrospect, all of these novelists were in the same place on the bookshelf, because their names began with “D”.


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