The murder of Tesse Majors

I read with interest the article in the New York Times, Thursday December 19, 2019, entitled “Police Badgered Boy Accused in Barnard Killing”.

I take personal interest in this, because I lived with my big brother up in 125th Street near Morningside park in 1978. It was common knowledge back then — to stay away from Morningside park because it was dangerous. And then later, I heard of a Yeshiva student getting killed about there. So, I never felt safe living in Manhattan. Why this robs everyone of one of the great joys of the city — to be able to wander freely about the streets, to be a free spirit, to smile and talk with strangers.

Typical modern day news reporting that has given the concept of political correctness (PC) a bad name. I am so sorry that the police, badgered the young boy. Badgered.

He and his friends are on video entering and leaving the park. They are on video confronting the woman. He knew the colour of the knife handle, that she was wearing a down coat. They might get DNA evidence. He confessed to the mugging — but it wasn’t him — it was his friend.

A young 18 college freshwoman was murdered — stabbed to death. Up close and personal

It reminds me of the Charles Bronson “Deathwish” movie franchise. Which of course is not appropriate. But I think what is appropriate is to question why so many young boys of a certain disposition find it cool to go about killing people? I think it a rather boorish thing to do. Why not learn how to break dance? Or be able to recite rap well? Or simply to be kind to your grandmother?

Why can a young boy in good conscience live with the knowledge that he has stabbed a young woman repeatedly with a knife — and left her there, bleeding, to die a horrible death, on a cold winter street?

Yet again, another argument for the second amendment. If those boys, had confronted a gun, they might have reconsidered.

Or find out who is parenting this 13 year old? Or who is teaching them in school?

And it is an indictment of our society. Is five years in jail commensurable with first degree murder? Another reason to hate. When our society needs to learn how to love.

There are laws against just about everything. But it takes action to make realities.

What will this child think in ten years? Will he feel regret? Or maybe he will grow up to be a monster. For that is what he is today.


Added Sept 22, 2021. “Luchiano Lewis… pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and first-degree robbery… faces a minimum of five years in prison and a maximum of life.” Also Rashaun Weaver and a third unnamed minor. For the murder of Tessa Majors.

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