A Song for George (tabs)

I take a breath for George, written and performed by Nick Strauss (c) 2020       
  D                 G                                                           
I take a breath for George                                                      
G                 A                                                             
Take a breath for peace                                                         
D                G                                                              
Live in a living land                                                           
G                   A                                                           
Leave, whats dead behind                                                        
D                     G                                                         
I share a breath with you                                                       
G                 A                                                             
Justice is always blind                                                         
 D                    G                                                          
And the virus has no heart                                                      
G                  A                                                            
Mourn the dead the day they are dead                                            
         D                G                                                     
You must leave the dead behind                                                  
G                   A                                                           
Share my bread with you                                                         
D                      G                                                        
And drink with all the Saints                                                   
G                 A                                                             
I sing a song for peace                                                         
G                 A                                                             
I sing a song for George                                                        

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