Twenty Twenty (tabs)

      Twenty Twenty written and performed by Nick Strauss (c) 2020              
E    A       D                                                                  
RNA nanobots borne on countless breaths                                         
E   A       Dsus4           D     C                         E                   
ETA NYC the virus hitched a ride, like evil feathers on the wind.               
       F       G          F             C                                       
At the Airport carousel, snaked through customs line,                           
C     F         G     G      F           C                                      
Blind unwitting herds poured through the terminals.                             
    F                  G                                                        
The Doubling Days were Four.                                                    
F                C              C    F        G                                 
Spring the curve flattened. the city awakened anon                              
F C     F              G                                                        
Unsure, bewildered and frightened.                                              
F      C             F      G                                                   
50,000 hospitalized, 20,000 Dead.                                               

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