The 10,000 Signatures

I think you would agree with me that today’s political atmosphere is polarized. The good guys are in your party — the bad guys are in the other.

You either live in a red state or a blue.

This is not good for your family, it is not good for your state, and it is not good for your country.

That is why I declared my political affliliation as “unknown”.

I would be honored to run in the Republican primary. Yes, and honored to run in the Democratic.

But I don’t feel right about it.

That’s why I have to collect 10,000 signatures and get on the ballot as an unknown.

According to Missouri Statute 115.313 “Any person who is a registered voter of the state of Missouri may sign a petition…for the nomination of an independent candidate for office.”

115.321 “Any person desiring to be an independent candidate for any office to be filled by voters throughout the state, or for any congressional district, state senate district, state representative district, or circuit judge district, shall file a petition with the secretary of state.”

115.321 “If an independent candidate is to be nominated for a statewide office, the petition shall be signed by at least ten thousand registered voters of the state.”

115.321 (5.) The name of each person who files a valid petition for nomination as an independent candidate shall be placed on the official ballot as an independent candidate for the office at the next general election

Please volunteer and help me as a canvasser. We need to get notarized signatures from registered Missouri voters. We need communicators, people to spread our  message.

A message of peace, of good sportsmanship, of not being a sore loser. And really trying to listen. And not always attacking.

This is not about winning — though I would like to. It’s about showing us  that our state and our country are bigger than a party.

In 2018  Craig O’Dear ran for U.S. Senate as an Independent and submitted petitions with more than 22,000 signatures. He lost to the Republican Joshua Hawley and the Democrat Claire McCaskill.

I feel confident of my chances. When I first entered the race, I felt that I was bound for glory. After Blunt bowed out, I began to calculate my chances.

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