John F. Wood ends his independent run for U.S. Senate MO 22

Today, John F. Wood decided to end his candidacy. The race is becoming a face-off between the red Eric Schmitt and the blue Trudy Busch Valentine. His rationale was that he was not facing Eric Greitens. Personally, I don’t think he needed to give a reason for terminating. And the reason that he gave is plain silly. What difference is there between an Ultra-MAGA and a MAGA? Perhaps, he was put off by the weakness of Greitens as a candidate. I definitely agree that it is really, really hard to run as an independent in this race. Really it is impossible. Though, I think I could have made it, if I had found 10,000 signatures and enough funding to get off the runway.

I know that Mr. Wood must feel relieved now that the pressure is off him. He can return to his normal life. And he has learned some valuable experience. I hope he runs again. Frankly, he is probably the most well-qualified of all the candidates I have seen — a top shelf lawyer.

For the record, I am including the letter that John Danforth wrote about John F. Wood’s decision.

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