How to strum in vguitar. hands-on demo.

vguitar -A 128:0 -S –chord=”Dexaxg2b1h1″ –chord=”Ge3a2h1″ -q “d1d1d1d1ud1ud1” –bpm=200

128:0 is the midi synthesizer channel, -S specifies running in strum mode, two chords specified D and G, the strum sequence by -q, and at 200 beats per minute.

So, for the D chord, e and a strings are muted, g string is fret 2, b and high e are fret 1. For the G chord, e string at fret 3, a string at fret 2, and high e at fret 1. If a string is not specified, it is assumed open.

The strum sequence has pauses of 1 between the strums.


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