Memorial Day Weekend 2022

One year ago, I wrote in this blog, “I am trying very hard not to “sell you tickets to the ghost train”. This train is real.” Yes, this train is real, but the quote is apt. The song I sing at the Gateway Arch “Freedom Train” recounts American History from its founding, to Andrew Jackson, the Civil War, the Westward Expansion,  WW I and II, the Kuwait Invasion of 1990, the Towers falling in 2001, and finally Putin’s invasion of 2022. It is the story of an America where you can buy your ticket with a dream, not with money.

It is a ghost train and I am a ghost candidate. Each sunny day I petition for signatures at the Gateway Arch. I play my guitar. I do not solicit for money. I am running for U.S. Senate. I am a ghost candidate because no one has heard of me.

I have about 260 signatures at this point, and I need 10,000. Today I got one signature.

Two black women wearing Jesus shirts asked me why I was running. “Because the Republicans won’t disavow January Sixth. They call it legitimate political discourse. I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat. I don’t have a party. I am just trying to send a message.” They tried to give me money, but I asked them for their signatures. This they would not do.

I don’t think I would sign a petition either. It is an intrusion on my privacy.

Then, why do I continue to petition? Why do I continue to play guitar? I am stubborn and I don’t know what else to do.

There is an important reason. Because I have to. As former Senator John Danforth recently wrote, “Danforth recently released a poll that shows 80% of likely Missouri voters believe both parties are intentionally dividing the country and do not represent their values.” He said, “…an independent candidate must run…”

St Louis Post Dispatch 2/20/2022:

Independent ‘must’ run for Missouri Senate seat, Danforth says, citing new poll data

Channel 5 2/28/2022:

Danforth: ‘Something is really wrong here’ after Schmitt’s ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ speech

KSDK TV interview

I am running because the people of Missouri deserve an alternative. I may not be the perfect candidate, warts and all, but I am out there, and I am trying. I believe in America.

I know that my guitar playing makes a positive difference to people here in St.Louis. I have seen little children smiling, young and old people enjoying my music. Elvis rocks and I enjoy playing on a sunny day.

From the Chicago song, “Saturday in the Park”, “people dancing people playing, a man selling ice cream”

The deadline for signatures is August 1. That’s two months away.

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