Observing the end of passover 2023 with orbtimes

Technically, Passover ends at sunset / sundown on April 13. Installing Orbtimes   then one can type

nicks@johndenver:~/Documents$ orbtimes
Sunset local day Wednesday 19:27.015425 April 12 2023
Sunrise local day Thursday 6:29.800781 April 13 2023

I can check this against Google search which says 7:37 PM which is a ten minute discrepancy. Probably good enough for ending a fast.

nicks@johndenver:~/Documents$ orbtimes –location “38.59466N 90.51322W” –timezone 6 –daylight 1
Sunset local day Wednesday 19:31.805192 April 12 2023
Sunrise local day Thursday 6:29.068487 April 13 2023

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