Memorial Day Weekend 2023

The second song I play is “Saturday in the Park”. The lyric that comes to mind is “People walking, people talking. A man playing his guitar.”

I performed a new cover, “Proud Mary”. I am going to add this song to my schedule. Really it is so apt to my condition. “If you go down to the river, bet you find people who live.”

So much has happened these past two years. Last year, my goal was to get as many signatures for my petition. I needed 10,000 to get on the US Senate ballot. This year my goal is much simpler. “All I want want is to make you smile, if it takes me just a little while…”

Some observations:

  1. Two helicopters were flying today. The noise does disrupt my playing, but it only happens infrequently.
  2. It was quite hot today. And really not enough a breeze.
  3. I walked by another guitarist. That only happens infrequently.
  4. I met a chap from Australia who was living in his van. His van was one-of-a-kind and it looked quite suitable for off-road. He said he had been all over the world. Africa.


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