Covid19 UK Doubling numbers April 10

State                   Number of days to double cases
england                 9.170667077048846
northern_ireland        9.440172590839559                                                                
scotland                11.09717971461147
uk                      8.984112697842296                                                                                     
wales                   5.958681781105541

All warranties explicit or implied as to the accuracy of this data are nil.

Explanation of term doubling number. The number of days for the number of cases to double. So for example, Wales 2020-04-10 has reported 4591 cases and 315 deaths. The number of cases predicted by April 16 is 9000 which is roughly double 4591.

The formula, I am using is,

0.69/(log(s[n][2]) - log(s[n-1][2]))

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