Georgia, social distancing, and doubling numbers

Today, April 24, 2020 I calculate a 16.1 doubling number for the State of Georgia. Given a total case count of 20,905 yields a 90 day estimate until there are a million cases of covid19. That would be July 23, 2020. If the spread of covid19 has not checked, then that doubling number can only become less, probably much less. So, the million day case estimate is probably quite conservative. However, the spread of the virus might be checked by warmer weather which would be quite welcome.

(%i6) covid_million(c);
(%o6)               5.797101449275363 (6 log(10) - log(c))
(%i5) covid_million(20905)*16.1/4,numer;
(%o5)                          90.2478946640509

Certain counties in Georgia, have low doubling numbers. I compute 2.435799 days for case doubling for Walker county, Georgia as of April 25, (Georgia__Walker) US County sorted doubling numbers

I found an interesting article about COVID19 in the Chattanooga region,
Chattanooga Bledsoe County TN has a doubling days of 0.678 days.

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