A turn for the worse

From what I’ve learned about this COVID-19 virus, is that (a.) It is not the Bogeyman and (b.) You MUST treat it with respect. What does this mean? It is important not to freeze up with fear, but it is critical that this is a public health emergency which demands an organized, methodical, proper response. That means that leaders must show by example, the steps necessary. And to follow the science, what science we have learned. Not to boosterize or make false promises, or to attack real nor imaginary adversaries. For God’s sake, we have a real and present danger — the virus.

1. Leaders lead by leading. If masks don’t work, then don’t wear them. But if they do, then leaders must show by example, for that is what they are supposed to be LEADERS, and they must wear them frequently, they must wear them creatively, they must use their humor and creativity to get others to wear them. We need leaders who are leading, not managing public relations.

2. Washing hands and social distancing. Again this must be emphasized, and leaders must LEAD by example.

3. Public gatherings. Unfortunately, this means that venues where the virus cannot be controlled must be cancelled. I would not be surprised that the RNC in Jacksonville will need to be turned virtual. If you look at the numbers in Florida, you can see that things are taking a turn for the worse. Take a look at Fort Lauderdale Broward County or Miami Miami Dade. And Jacksonville, Duval County

4. Appeal to the common good. We the people have, can, and will make a difference. We can stop this thing.

We have learned that the virus is exponential. If it gets out of hand, it gets out of hand drastically. And if the hospitals are overwhelmed, a lot of people are going to die.

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