Playing with chord stacks

In the previous posting Command line chords the example strum sequence  -q “DddE1uuuu” gets the desired rhythmn but has the fixed melody with chords D and E. I want to have a rhythmn that I can use with different chords. You can do this with chord stacks. The M (abbrev. Minus) and P (abbrev. Plus) keys, allow me to Pop and Push to the chord stack respectively.

In the following example, I push chords A, D, E on the chord stack, and then pop and downstrum the virtual guitar three times.

vguitar -A 129 -P 0 -S --chord=”Aexhx” --chord=”Eexaxdxgxbxh1″ --chord=”Dexaxdxg3b2h3″ -q “PAPDPEMdMdMd”

This sounds awful,

The stack is last in / last out (LILO), and so the E chord, in this example a single string, is the first played, followed by the D, and lastly the A.

You can push chords to the chord stack, generally, using the P key, and pop a chord and set the fretboard using the M key.

Chord stacks are available as of version 0.7

With a bit of work, I got this.

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