Leaders lead

Elected officials are elected to represent us — in Congress by participating in the legislative process. They write, edit, and modify bills. These provide programs which protect us, shelter us, enable us. And laws which restrict us. The Executive and Judicial branches are also part of this process. This is the job, and it doesn’t really involve working with crowds. Or public visibility.

But another purpose that they serve is to lead us by their example, and by their speeches. Working with groups of people, working with crowds. Being visible in public.

With Covid, I have talked about mask wearing and the importance of  elected officials to set a good example. And not to hold mass super-spreader rallies.

I understand that this decision hurts me  politically.  My own campaign viability rests on getting petition signatures. Canvassing involves getting close to people with my clip board and pen. It is impossible to keep social distancing to do this. I have kept masking with my bandanna and have recently bought N95 masks. I take my mask off, while I play my guitar and sing a song. Changing into and out of masking is cumbersome and no fun on a hot summer day.

I really need to hold rallies to get signatures. Or to find events where lots of people are congregating. Or events with groups of people. It really is about the only way I can get a lot of signatures in a reasonable amount of time.  But it is difficult not to set a bad example, and get myself and others in trouble.

A good example of leaders setting a good example is getting vaccinated. Ivanka Trump got vaccinated. 

Or missing the opportunity. As Alex Azar wrote, “I’m glad former President Trump got vaccinated, but it would have been even better for him to have done so on national television so that his supporters could see how much trust and confidence he has in what is arguably one of his greatest accomplishments.”  Dr. Azar was the director the Warp Speed project, which brought us the vaccines.

Honestly, (which is a rarity in politics), I am not sure how to solve this. I ask for your help. What is a good way for my campaign to canvass and get the 10,000 signatures required for general ballot access? With limited financial resources.

I really would like to hear from you. Please send me an e-mail at straussfor22@nick-strauss.com

Thank you.

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