Don’t worry about US

I really hope that the GOP sorts itself out.

At the national level in Washington D.C., Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger both House Republicans are leading the House Committee holding hearings on “what really happened on January Sixth?” And you have Mitch McConnell who is the GOP Senate minority leader — probably the most senior GOP statesman active in U.S. Politics saying, “It was a violent insurrection for the purpose of trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a legitimately certified election.”

This should not be a contentious matter. There are lots of legitimate questions that really need to be answered. Probably the most important is what was Donald Trump’s role? Why did it take him so long to do anything? Why does he want to pardon the rioters/seditionists a year later? The right to peaceful assembly laid out in the first amendment does not extend to disrupting the official business of government. You can’t terrorize our Senators and Representatives because you disagree with an outcome. There is a gradual creep of disrespect towards our democratic institutions masked by claims of righteousness with a sorry end to authoritarianism and strongmen. It is the ruins of our public liberties.

The GOP central committee calls the actions of that day, “legitimate public discourse”. They have censured Liz and Adam.

The Republican party has been carjacked by Donald Trump and his supporters. But there is a voice of truth and reason still within that party. I really hope they get it together because our country needs strong and vital parties. GOP either returns to its senses or descends further into Trump’s private vehicle.

At the state level, here in Missouri, you have a completely Republican controlled government — a Republican governor, a Republican senate and house. The mayors of Kansas City and St Louis are Democrats. And still you have a truck convoy headed to Jefferson City to straighten out any GOP straying from the Trump orthodoxy.  To root out the “14 Republican Rino senators” against the 7 “loyal and brave state senators”. I might be wrong but it reminds me of January Sixth. Who is April LaJune? Why are they afraid of using their real names? Are they ashamed of themselves?

You can see the turmoil within the State GOP. 14 Rinos outnumbering 7. I really hope they can work things out. Maybe they can get a ‘good’ divorce.

In the meantime,  I am not waiting. I am running for U.S. Senate as an Independent. The U.S. Constitution provides for this eventuality. You see, General (and later President) George Washington didn’t think much of parties. I guess he thought they were necessary evils. Because, as I have said before, mention of the word ‘party’ is omitted completely from our U.S. Constitution.

So don’t worry about US. We will make by.

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