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I have written at length in many posts in this blog about my run as a non-partisan candidate. I started my campaign in February ’21 before most all candidates currently running. Now, I face validation of my political philosophy and my choices. I also face competition and a decision.

In today’s St. Louis Post Dispatch (PD), John F. Wood has declared his candidacy as an independent. With the financial backing of John C. Danforth and his superPAC, “Missouri Stands United”, I must assume that he has the financial resources to garner the necessary 10,000 signatures for the general ballot access.

I feel validated. Danforth and Wood espouse many of my views — most important to lower the vitriol, and to heal the divisions breaking apart our institutions and society.

At the same time, I must decide whether to abandon my petition and my campaign. I must decide whether I should actively support and endorse Mr. Wood. Honestly, I do feel hurt. I have talked about how I feel like a “ghost candidate” with no mention of my run in the PD. And no letter from Danforth acknowledging my time and money and commitment. Just being honest here. I am mature enough to realize that in this political game, everyone is following the ball, not the players on the field.

Today, I want to welcome Mr. Wood to the race. I wish him luck in his canvassing, and in assembling an active team of canvassers. Time is short. He has one month to get the signatures.

Added July 4, 2022: According to Missouri MO Statute 115.323, “Limitation on voter’s signing of nominating petition.” No voter may subscribe to more than one nomination for one office at any election.

So, I can’t canvass for both John F. Wood and Nick Strauss. A voter can’t sign two petitions for the 2022 US Senate Election. That’s how I interpret the word ‘subscribe’.

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