March 28, 2020

In my post of Doubling Numbers – part 3 I predicted one million cases worldwide on March 28, 2020 — today. Well, I was wrong — there are 660,000 confirmed cases and 30K dead. That prediction was made on March 7, twenty one days ago when there were 21K cases.

I don’t really want to write much more on this blog. I have a headache from worrying and eyestrain, and I don’t really think anyone reads these except for my family, friends, and I. And I am not even sure that my family reads these. If you have been following this blog, I really would appreciate if you comment below, so I don’t feel so all alone.

Where is the world going from here?

I believe in miracles, and I think it will all get better. Civility, humanity, and love are what will get us through this! Through collective, local, individual action we have beat the prediction by 33%!

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