Letter to the candidate — Wed, 6 Oct 2021

Hi Nick,

With 2022 approaching, I began the search for Missouri's 3rd party
candidate as I am a Libertarian and refuse to vote democrat or republican.

I was super excited to see an Independent candidate running and went to
your website. I started reading your blog posts on your Stratuss for US
Senate in '22 for Missouri tab.

While I found your articles interesting. I get the feeling you're more left
leaning than middle ground. When I got to your Leader's Lead post, you
mention mask wearing and the vaccine.

This is exactly where my excitement ended. I respect your decision to wear
a mask and vaccinate. However, with your level of fear, I don't feel you
would have the majority of Missouri's best interest at heart. If you're
stopping yourself from getting the 10,000 signatures due to the fear of
COVID, what is your response to those of us who do not wear masks and
refuse the vaccine?

You live in St Louis which is primarily Democrat. St Louis has one mandate
after another which doesn't seem to be doing any good. The rest of MO wants
to maintain whatever freedoms we can. We do not want forced vaccine
mandates. We do not want masks mandates. It should be our personal freedom
to choose.

If you're serious about running, what is your position on mandates?

(name withheld to protect anonymity)

I am trying to set a middle course.

I believe everyone’s situation is an unique case. I am not afraid — I am
protective of my wife with congestive heart failure and a compromised
immune system. She doesn’t and can’t get vaccinated.
I don’t want to track the virus into the house and get
her infected.

You are right to think that the public health officials believe they
have more control over the virus than they probably do. The virus is
going to do what it wants to. That said, vaccines have reduced the death
rate, and masks have slowed the spread.

My position is clear — we should encourage people to get vaccinated,
but the Federal government can’t make that mandatory. The exception is
for active duty military, and federal employees. In 1775, George
Washington mandated that the Continental Army be vaccinated against
smallpox. See my posting

For mask mandates, I support the City and County mask mandate. See my
posting “Indecent Exposure”

The current wave is slowly ebbing, and I am optimistic about our public
health. 700,000 Americans have died so far, and we are losing about
60,000 more a month.

I encourage you to sign our petition, or consider volunteering as a canvasser.
We need 10,000 signatures to get ballot access. I have been petitioning at
Lambert International Airport, and at the Gateway Arch. Write me a letter at straussfor22@nick-strauss.com

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