Bringing aerospace jobs to Missouri

In my post LH2 Jet Transport I wrote about the US House hearings on the Hydrogen Economy way back in 1975 in the 94th Congress. The Hydrogen Economy envisioned a world where fossil fuels had run out, and hydrogen could be substituted as an alternative fuel. Back then the problem of Greenhouse Effect / Global Warming was not known, and the world-wide impetus to Net-Zero and the Paris Accords were a generation in the future. Hydrogen, it turns out to be a good substitute fuel, very similar to natural gas. It is however, more flammable, about 5x more flammable, so needs careful handling.

Large handling of Hydrogen fuel has been operational since the 1960 in the Apollo program and moon rockets. Currently, most major rocket programs are using large amounts of Hydrogen fuel. So there are no major engineering technical challenges to using Hydrogen fuel for commercial jet transports.

I propose that we get Federal money here to Missouri to design, build, test and eventually manufacture a line of LH2 commercial jets. This is the kind of engineering that McDonald Douglas is good at. And Boeing is the largest American producer of commercial jets in the nation. And as Senator, I can argue and cajole our Government into sending money our way.
I retired from Aerospace after 25 years, so I know the industry, and as an engineer I know the technology.

This is the Spirit of St. Louis in action. Bringing important new Green technology to life and real careers to our people.

Added <2022-01-24 Mon>: In the Journal of Aircraft Vol 20, No 11 (1983) Brewer’s article “An Assessment of the Safety of Hydrogen-Fueled Aircraft”

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