Taking stock of the situation

["2020-09-22",118273,1967], ["2020-09-23",119798,2029]

What do these numbers mean? Today is September 24, 2020 and yesterday, the 23rd, 2029 people died from Covid-19 in the state of Missouri. And the day before on the 22nd, 1967 were dead. That means that 62 people died on the 23rd from Covid19.

There were 118K confirmed cases on the 22nd and 119K on the 23rd. So about 1000 people are getting Covid-19 a day in Missouri.

My data starts on [“2020-03-07”,1,0] when there was 1 case and no fatalities.

It has been six months.

What would have happened if New York hadn’t had a lockdown? What if there hadn’t been a travel ban from China? What if no one had worn masks? Where would we be today?

The Governor and his wife tested positive yesterday. So they are in those numbers.

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